SVQ in Management at SCQF Level 7

To achieve this qualification candidates must achieve:

  • 4 mandatory units
  • 3 optional units

Mandatory Units

  • Develop your knowledge, skills and competence
  • Lead your team
  • Manage people’s performance at work
  • Provide healthy, safe, secure and productive working environments and practices

Optional Units

  • Develop operational plans
  • Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
  • Implement change
  • Develop and sustain productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Recruit, select and retain people
  • Support individuals’ learning and development
  • Help individuals address problems affecting their performance
  • Build teams
  • Manage conflict in teams
  • Lead meetings to achieve objectives
  • Coach individuals
  • Initiate and follow disciplinary procedures
  • Initiate and follow grievance procedures
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage the use of financial resources
  • Manage physical resources
  • Manage the environmental and social impacts of your work
  • Use information to take effective decisions
  • Communicate information and knowledge
  • Manage projects
  • Prepare for and participate in quality audits
  • Manage customer service
  • Manage corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Evaluate change
  • Induct individuals into their roles
  • Manage the redeployment of people
  • Manage flexible working
  • Promote staff wellbeing
  • Mentor individuals
  • Manage quality audits
  • Sell products and services
  • Develop and sustain collaborative relationships with other departments
  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Work with others to improve customer service
  • Obtain physical resources
  • Implement operational plans

For further information see the Qualification Handbook: QFI Management 7 Qualifications Handbook