What are Vocational Qualifications

Vocational qualifications are work related qualifications i.e. they relate to an occupation or its required skills. They are intended to enable the trainee to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills that are needed to perform competently in a particular job. Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are vocational qualifications that for candidates to achieve they must be assessed to the National Occupational Standards for a particular occupation. In completing a vocational qualification a candidate has proved he or she can work to a recognised standard; the SVQ is more highly recognised as the standard has been developed by industry and not just a single employer.

What are Non-regulated Qualifications?

In addition, QFI awards knowledge based qualifications (KBQs). QFI's KBQs are awarded as Certificates of Learning Achievement with occupational knowledge and understanding assessed to the knowledge and understanding requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS). In achieving this award candidates gain the required underpinning knowledge for the related SVQ.

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