End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

Apprenticeship Services


The government in England has identified that apprenticeships are key to addressing skills shortages. To this end, employers have contributed to developing new Apprenticeship Standards which outline the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they would expect to see for specific job roles.

Each Apprenticeship Standard is accompanied by an Assessment Plan which describes how the knowledge, skills and behaviours are to be independently assessed at the end of the apprenticeship. As an approved End-Point assessment Organisation (EPAO) QFI is able to assess the Standards shown below.

QFI’s contribution to the delivery of Apprenticeships in England

QFI’s End Point Assessment Organisation

All apprentices in England that take an Apprenticeship Standard must go through an independent end-point assessment. This is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours learned during the apprenticeship.

Through QFI’s EPAO we are able to offer end point assessment to independently make sure that apprentices meet the standards set and are confirmed fully competent in their chosen occupations. All of our assessors are totally independent and QFI has no involvement in any of the training / delivery of the apprenticeship. We do however seek to support providers in preparing apprentices for end-point assessment.

For further information on QFI’s EPAO services please email your enquiry to: leadassessor@qfiepa.org

Standards that QFI is approved to end-point assess:

Advanced Carpentry and Joinery: EPA05 Info Sheet Advanced Carpentry & Joinery ST0263 

Asbestos Analyst/Surveyor V1: (Use until 23-08-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1 Asbestos Analyst Surveyor ST0022

Asbestos Analyst/ Surveyor V1.1: (Use from 24-08-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Asbestos Analyst. Surveyor ST0022

Asbestos Removal Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Asbestos Removal Operative ST0819

BEMS (building energy management systems) Controls Engineer: EPA05 Info Sheet BEMS Control Engineer ST0629

Bricklayer: Bricklayer Information Sheet

Building Services Engineering Craftsperson: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0062

Building Services Engineering Installer: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0065

Building Services Engineering Service and Maintenance Engineer: EPA05 Info Sheet Building Services Engineering Services and Maintenance Engineer ST0061

Carpentry and Joinery V1: (Use until 17-09-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.0 Carpentry and Joinery ST0264

Carpentry and Joinery V1.1: (Use from 18-09-2020)

EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1(1) Carpentry and Joinery ST0264 Use Until 29.03.2021   EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1(2) Carpentry and Joinery ST0264 Use after 30.3.2021

Construction Assembly and Installation Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Assembly and Installation Operative ST0265

Construction Design and Build Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Design and Build Technician ST0043

Construction Equipment Maintenance Mechanic: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Equipment Maintenance Mechanic ST0805

Construction Plant Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Plant Operative ST0736

Construction Quantity Surveying Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Quantity Surveying Technician ST0049

Construction Quantity Surveyor (Degree): EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Quantity Surveyor Degree ST0045

Construction Site Engineering Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Site Engineering Technician ST0046

Construction Site Management (Degree): EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Site Management Degree ST0047

Construction Site Supervisor: EPA05 Info Sheet Construction Site Supervisor ST0048

Demolition Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Demolition Operative ST0615

Design and Construction Management (degree): EPA05 Info Sheet Design and Construction Management Degree ST0044

Digital Engineering Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Digital Engineering Technician ST0266

Engineering Construction Pipefitter V1.1: (From 11-10-2018) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Engineering Construction Pipefitter ST0162

Engineering Construction Erector/ Rigger: EPA05 Info Sheet Engineering Construction Erector.Rigger ST0433

Engineering Design and Draughtsperson: EPA05 Info Sheet Engineering Design and Draughtsperson ST0164

Engineering Fitter: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0432

Engineering Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Engineering Operative ST0537

Fencing Installer: EPA05 Info Sheet Fencing Installer ST0366

Fenestration Installer: EPA05 Info Sheet Fenestration Installer ST0743

Fenestration Fabricator: EPA05 Info Sheet Fenestration Fabricator ST0744

Formworker: EPA05 Info Sheet Formworker ST0461

Gas Network Operative V1.1: (Use from 20-04-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Gas Network Operative ST0204

Geospatial Mapping and Science Specialist (Degree): EPA05 Info Sheet Geospatial Mapping and Science Specialist ST0492

Geospatial Survey Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Geospatial Survey Technician ST0491

Groundworker: EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Groundworker ST0513 Use after 27.05.2020

Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative ST0053

Hire Controller (Plant, Tools and Equipment): EPA05 Info Sheet Hire Controller Plant Tools and Equipment ST0269

Industrial Coatings Applicator: EPA05 Info Sheet Industrial Coatings Applicator ST0463

Information Manager: EPA05 Info Sheet Information Manager ST0762

Interior Systems Installer: EPA05 Info Sheet Interior Systems Installer ST0388

Junior Energy Manager: EPA05 Info Sheet Junior Energy Manager ST0161

Laboratory Technician V1.1: (Use until 04-08-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Laboratory Technician ST0248

Laboratory Technician V2: (Use from 05-08-2020) EPA05 Info Sheet V1.2 Laboratory Technician ST0248

Lean Manufacturing Operative: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0420

Lifting Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Lifting Technician ST0267

Metal Fabricator: EPA05 Info Sheet Metal Fabricator ST0607

Mineral Products Technician: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0605

Painter and Decorator: EPA05 Info Sheet Painter and Decorator ST0295

Piling Attendant: EPA Guidance Sheet_ST0268

Pipe Welder: EPA05 Info Sheet Pipe Welder ST0851

Plasterer V1: (Use until 17-12-2019) EPA05 Info Sheet V1 Plasterer ST0096

Plasterer V2: (Use from 18-12-2018) EPA05 Info Sheet V2 Plasterer ST0096

Plate Welder: EPA05 Info Sheet Plate Welder ST0852

Project Controls Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Project Controls Technician ST0163

Property Maintenance Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Property Maintenance Operative ST0171

Railway Engineering Design Technician V1.1: EPA05 Info Sheet V1.1 Railway Engineering Design Technician ST0315

Rail and Rail Systems Engineer: EPA05 Info Sheet Rail and Rail Systems Engineer ST0495

Road Surfacing Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Road Surfacing Operative ST0693

Roofer: EPA05 Info Sheet Roofer ST0270

Scaffolder: EPA05 Info Sheet Scaffolder ST0359

Senior Housing/Property Management: EPA05 Info Sheet (2) Senior Housing.Property Management ST0236

Smart Home Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Smart Home Technician ST0464

Steel Fixer: EPA05 Info Sheet Steel Fixer ST0271

Structural Steelwork Erector: EPA05 Info Sheet Structural Steelwork Erector ST0169

Structural Steelwork Fabricator: EPA05 Info Sheet Structural Steelwork Fabricator ST0099

Telecoms Field Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Telecoms Field Operative ST0832

Tunnelling Operative: EPA05 Info Sheet Tunnelling Operative ST0375

Wall and Floor Tiler: EPA05 Info Sheet Wall and Floor Tiler ST0368

Water Process Technician: EPA05 Info Sheet Water Process Technician ST0160

Wireless Communications Rigger: EPA05 Info Sheet Wireless Communications Rigger ST0616

Further information on Apprenticeships in England

Who pays for Apprenticeships?

Where an employer pays the levy, the funding for apprenticeship training comes from this. Where an employer does not pay the levy then they must contribute 10% of the cost of the apprentices training, and the Government pays the rest (90%). Each apprenticeship is set a Funding Band which indicates the maximum contribution that can be made from the levy pot or from Government.

Can employers do the training part?

Anyone that provides apprenticeship training must be on the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Approved Apprenticeship Training Providers. Employers can apply to be on this Register in order to deliver training to their own employees.

How are Apprentices trained?

Apprentices must spend at least 20% of their time in ‘off the job’ training. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they must leave the workplace, but they should not be doing their day to day work. They may for example be in meetings, learning on-line, shadowing etc. There is further guidance as to what this can involve.

How are Apprenticeships assessed?

All of the new Apprenticeship Standards have an ‘end-point assessment’ that is conducted by an independent organisation towards the end of the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are also graded, e.g. pass/ merit/ distinction, and all successful apprentices are awarded a full apprenticeship certificate.

What is QFI’s role in the delivery of Apprenticeships in England?

QFI is approved as an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for specific Standards. QFI’s End point Assessment Organisation develops assessment materials, approves assessors and assesses apprentice’s using the methods that employers have chosen and documented in the Assessment Plan that accompanies each Standard.

For further information on QFI’s End Point Assessment Organisation please email your enquiry to: leadassessor@qfiepa.org