The six components of QFI


Many people are mystified by the complex and complicated landscape of vocational qualifications.

QFI cuts through that complexity by seeing things through the eyes of employers, trainers, parents, educators and learners.


LICENSING: QFI is licensed by the national regulator to be an awarding body by fulfilling all of the stringent requirements and regulations set out by that regulator.

APPROVING: as a licensed awarding body QFI can approve assessment centres and training providers such as employer centres, independent training providers and colleges who satisfy its rigorous standards.

CUSTOMISING: QFI can use its expertise of our four target industries to work with a provider to customise qualifications to ensure they meet the specific needs of the employer.

TRAINING: having been approved by QFI the training provider can deliver the specific training in line with the established quality assured standards.

ASSESSING: at the conclusion of the training process the trainees complete the assessment that has been checked and approved by QFI as the awarding body.

AWARDING: following the achievement of the authorised assessment process the candidate is awarded a certificate that is authenticated and endorsed by QFI as a recognised industry qualification.